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Monthly Archives: March 2022

‘Celtics’ on the list of 1 in 4 bid to buy Chelsea

Boston Celtics owner Stephen Payuca has made an offer to buy Chelsea Football Club. And he was one of four clubs selected on Friday, with the other three being selected by Rey. N Group, the bank that has been authorized to manage. The sale of

Villa opens talks about ‘Coutinho’ permanent

Aston Villa have been linked with talks with Barcelona to sign Philippe Coutinho on a permanent basis , the 29-year-old joined Villa on loan from Camp Nou. With a £34million buyout option attached to it , Coutinho’s performance has been impressive for the club with

Agent reveals Bale waits to decide his future in June

Gareth Bale ‘s agent Jonathan Barnett has revealed the player will decide his future in June. It all depends on the Wales national team, Bale will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season when his contract expires and will make a decision thereafter whether

Hammer donates money to the Animal Foundation

West Ham United have made a donation to nine animal welfare charities after fined Kurt Zouma £250,000 for a clip of him kicking and slapping his cat last month. The video was published by the famous media The ufabet until it became big news. The 27-year-old defender dropped