‘Bale’ condemns unethical media after being branded as a parasite

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Wales superstar Gareth Bale has responded to Marca, who labeled him Real Madrid a blood-sucking parasite. Telling the Spanish media that they were “insulting”.

The 32-year-old recently showed great form, scoring two goals. To help the team win 2-1 at home to Austria. Waiting to qualify for the World Cup final against the winner between Scotland and Ukraine.

Previously referred to by the media in Spain. He was heavily criticized after not playing much for Real Madrid. With Marca referring to him as a parasite that pumps money from the club.

“Prisit Bale, who came from Britannia where it was cold and rainy, he came to live in Spain with Real Madrid wearing a fake mask. At first he seemed determined, but as time passed his true identity revealed that he was a blood-drainer without giving anything in return. more than blood He’s pumping club money,” said Marca correspondent Julio Dorado. Wrote in the

latest article, Bale has issued a Twitter backlash against Marca, including the Daily Mail, who brought the matter to a large extent on Thursday.

Disgrace and profit from ufabet

At a time when people take their lives because of the media’s narrow-mindedness and recklessness, I want to know who’s controlling these reporters. 

And the news agency allowed me to write stories like this. Where is the responsibility?

“Fortunately, I learned to deal with situations when it was in the public interest. But that doesn’t mean This ban will not cause damage. Not upset and in the career of those exposed to these dangerous stories, I have seen media that can affect people’s mental and physical health.”

“Media expects to see something superhuman from athletes. Occupation and instead of showing sympathy when they make a mistake Instead, they were torn to shreds. It provokes fans to be angry and disappointed.

” The ethics and standards of journalism will be more stringently enforced.”

“So I would like to use my own platform. It encourages a change in the way we talk in public. and criticizing people most of the time Did not meet the expectations of realism As it often appears with them, we all know who the real parasite is.”