‘Celtics’ on the list of 1 in 4 bid to buy Chelsea

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Boston Celtics owner Stephen Payuca has made an offer to buy Chelsea Football Club. And he was one of four clubs selected on Friday,

with the other three being selected by Rey. N Group, the bank that has been authorized to manage. The sale of the club. Includes Todd Bohly, Sir Martin Broughton and the Ricketts Family,

reports said. According to the Athletic, Payuca, 67, is the owner of the Boston Celtics in the NBA, 55 percent of Serie A club Atalanta and co-chairman of Private Equity. Di Bain Capital is a serious competitor this time. Although no news of their interest in buying the club. Has been largely reported before it was revealed on Friday.

However, the Ricketts Family capital group that the trend is not good. Chelsea fans against Back through the selection from Rain Group to be one of the 4 candidates to buy the club this time.

Ricketts family He was hit by strong opposition from the fans. In particular, there has been a scandal that family boss Joe Ricketts, who was not involved in the bid for the club, is racist in an email that leaked out three years ago

. That showed Joe Ricketts called Muslims ‘my enemy’, prompting him to apologize for the comments

– Boston Celtics owner Stephen Payuca