Villa opens talks about ‘Coutinho’ permanent

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Aston Villa have been linked with talks with Barcelona to sign Philippe Coutinho on a permanent basis

, the 29-year-old joined Villa on loan from Camp Nou. With a £34million buyout option attached to it

, Coutinho’s performance has been impressive for the club with four goals and three assists. Under the collaboration of Stephen Gerrard, Coutinho’s. the ufabet report

form has led other Premier League clubs to show interest as well. succeeded

They have no problem with the fee but need to clear their personal contract. With Coutinho still having another year of his contract with the “Barca” which costs him nearly £500,000 a week. If all bonuses are included.

Villa then spoke with Barca about the deal, knowing the Spanish club wanted to take off the burden of wages, but Coutinho knew he had to cut his wages in order to make the move. occurence

Villa’s eldest knows finding a deal can be difficult but committing to a long-term contract with Coutinho should help motivate him

. to make plans for this summer in less time After the Premier League will move to open the next season in the first week of August. Make way for the World Cup at the end of the year,

besides Coutinho they are planning heavy reinforcements for the summer. The forward is one of their targets as well as the defensive midfielder.