Dental health and tartar from food One cause of bad breath

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Dental health and tartar from food One cause of bad breath.

Eating too much, eating aggressively, besides making you fat. If you don’t take good care of your mouth May cause plaque. That is the cause of other gum and tooth disease problems. Take care of your mouth and mouth by brushing your teeth regularly. Or brush every time after eating. With salt toothpaste The salt is just right.

Known to be a foodie, both good at eating, heavy on starches, and sweet, eating food in quantities that exceed the body’s needs. It is the cause of obesity. Plus, some foods may affect to oral health and our teeth as well

Eat well, eat too much sweet stuff, and not just get fat.

Foods in the carbohydrate group, sugar, nectar, and starch are foods that Dental health provide high energy. The more you eat in larger quantities than necessary and lack of exercise excess of those energies It will be stored as fat and make you fat.

Sugar and starch, food particles that remain ยูฟ่าเบท in the mouth It is a good food for bacteria if it is not taken care of. Cleanliness May cause oral problems, gum disease, tartar, and tooth decay.

When there is a lot of bacteria accumulation in the mouth together with other oral problems Things like tartar, gingivitis, or tooth decay can cause bad breath. and a foul mouth follows This causes a loss of personality when socializing. or talk with others.

food relations How can you deal with oral problems?

The food we eat every day affects our teeth and oral health. Especially foods that contain carbohydrates such as sugar, rice, bread, noodles, desserts, candies, syrups. These foods, when eaten, Food scraps from flour and sugar It will look soft. Melt and catch Covered in the crevices of the teeth and on the surface of the teeth, which are stains from these food particles. That’s called plaque. Important causes of oral problems and may cause bad breath as well.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a plaque made from bacteria and sugar. Occurs from food particles remaining in the mouth. It looks like a sticky, colorless film that slowly accumulates on the tooth surface.

Plaque is acidic due to the digestion of sugar by bacteria Dental health. Therefore, it contributes to the destruction of tooth enamel. The cause of tooth decay problems And when it reacts with calcium in saliva, plaque changes, hardens, and clumps together. Until it becomes a plaque. Firmly clings to the neck of the tooth which is the main cause of gum disease and bad breath problems make your mouth smell bad