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‘Bale’ condemns unethical media after being branded as a parasite

Wales superstar Gareth Bale has responded to Marca, who labeled him Real Madrid a blood-sucking parasite. Telling the Spanish media that they were “insulting”. The 32-year-old recently showed great form, scoring two goals. To help the team win 2-1 at home to Austria. Waiting to

‘Celtics’ on the list of 1 in 4 bid to buy Chelsea

Boston Celtics owner Stephen Payuca has made an offer to buy Chelsea Football Club. And he was one of four clubs selected on Friday, with the other three being selected by Rey. N Group, the bank that has been authorized to manage. The sale of

Villa opens talks about ‘Coutinho’ permanent

Aston Villa have been linked with talks with Barcelona to sign Philippe Coutinho on a permanent basis , the 29-year-old joined Villa on loan from Camp Nou. With a £34million buyout option attached to it , Coutinho’s performance has been impressive for the club with

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What is Sic Bo online live ?

Sic Bo online live online is a dice game that is played on online gambling websites. There is a play style that is quite simple, convenient, comfortable and fast. By playing Sicbo online, there will be live broadcasts sent directly from real casinos, which have rules, rules

Correct way to play Yi Ki lottery 

The highlight of the Yi Ki Lottery is that the prize draws are very frequent. The draw of the Yi Ki lottery prize is issued every 15 minutes. Or counted as 88 rounds in 1 day. That’s fun And anyone can join in the fun of the