Foods to reduce the problem of gray hair.

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Gray hair is one of the characteristics that make the owner look premature. No one likes to be seen as prematurely old by others. Let’s get to know food that Japanese people eat for protection. And take care not to have gray hair or premature gray hair.


Black sesame is one of the foods Japanese people eat in their daily life. Both in the form of bringing to sprinkle rice It is a drink and jam, etc. Black sesame is rich in valuable nutrients such as anthocyanin, which is useful in stimulating the production of hair pigment cells. Iron helps promote healthy blood flow to the scalp. and lignans, which play an important role in reducing the occurrence of gray hair caused by aging UFABET


Seaweed is one of the foods that Japanese people eat every day. Wakame and kombu are eaten in various ways, including as a dashi broth. Salad and rice powder, etc. Seaweed is rich in iodine. Which plays an important role in the activation of a pigment cell called melanocyte (melanocyte) to create the pigment melanin, which is an important component that causes black hair.


One of the causes of melanin depletion is the lack of the amino acid tyrosine. Eating cheese on a regular basis will help your body get enough of the amino acid tyrosine to prevent gray hair. In general, 100 grams of cheese provides about 1,000 mg of the amino acid tyrosine. Your daily intake should range between 500 milligrams to 2,000 milligrams, so eating 50 to 200 grams of cheese is enough to prevent premature graying of your hair.