How to eat durian to be safe for the body?

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We can eat durian without fear of its consequences. We just choose to eat in moderation. Not too much, just remember that durian is a fruit with high sugar content. high energy. Therefore the amount of consumption should be limited appropriately. not eating too much at once. Including not eating in a row for a long time many days, weeks.  Choose to eat during the day when the body is still using energy. including exercising regularly. This is how we can safely eat our beloved durian. But if anyone has congenital disease related to blood sugar levels. Such as diabetes , obesity, should reduce or consult a doctor about the appropriate amount before eating UFABET

Don’t eat durian with alcohol.

Eating at the same time as drinking alcohol actually affect the body but not life-threatening. Durian fruit will result in the reduction of the enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase and because the enzyme is responsible for converting Aldehyde (Aldehyde), a toxin arising from the process of burning alcohol into energy into other substances and eliminating from body go When less elimination causes aldehyde to accumulate within the body. Flushing, numbness, dizziness and vomiting may also occur. Flatulence may also occur indigestion as well.