Hammer donates money to the Animal Foundation

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West Ham United have made a donation to nine animal welfare charities after fined Kurt Zouma £250,000 for a clip of him kicking and slapping his cat last month.

The video was published by the famous media The ufabet until it became big news. The 27-year-old defender dropped his cat from chest level before kicking it when it landed. He then chased the cat in the living room and threw his shoes at him. Zuma, as well as his brother Yoan, who filmed the clip, have also.

By adjusting his wages for two weeks, equal to £250,000, they have also made a donation to the Animal Foundation.

Members of their Independent Supporters’ Committee used a network of supporters and fan groups to put forward suggestions of charities in the local community. 

In addition to cases in the club’s east London and Essex heartland, charities with a greater international reach have also benefited. 

“West Ham is pleased to announce that funds have been made available to the Animal Welfare Foundation. After the club fined Kurt Zouma,” the statement said.

The stay of the animal has been donated. The donated foundations also include those that provide accommodation, animal rescue and welfare in war-torn Ukraine.

In addition to fines and lawsuits. Zouma and the club have lost sponsors and the player has been booed by fans ever since.