‘Yilmaz’ retires from Turkish national team after missing penalty at World Cup

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Turkey’s captain Burak Yilmaz has announced his retirement from international football. After missing a penalty in the loss to Portugal the chance to win a ticket to the World Cup final

, Yilmaz was the man who helped Turkey qualify for the World Cup. After scoring the goal, breaking the ball from first place, 2-0 behind Portugal,

he had the opportunity to become the team’s hero when Turkey took the penalty six minutes before time. However, Yilmaz missed the pass. The ball flew over the crossbar

, which saved “Foi Thong” before scoring a goal in the coffin to seal off a 3-1 win and go on to face Macedonia in the play-off final, the

36-year-old said. Give after the game that “I don’t know how I failed to score, I’m still in shock. We disappointed the country. I’m sorry, really sorry. That was my last World Cup opportunity. From today on, it’s over.”

“When I got the penalty I told myself it was definitely a goal. I’m starting to think about the future too. I’m disappointed because I never thought I’d make a mistake. I’m sorry. I’ve been dreaming about this penalty every night for the rest of my life, probably falling asleep.

I don’t want to quit after a game like this. But I think it’s not appropriate to continue playing for the national team. thank you my coach I didn’t decide to quit playing with emotion. It’s a rational decision. If an incredible situation arises, I am here to help. the ufabet football report

.” new generation, new structure This is correct. My decision was not based on disappointment, not because of the penalty. I think from now on we will do what we need to do.”